Kalpana Sharma’s article “Remembering Roop Kanwar” (September 23) is a shocking reminder that no tangible improvement has taken place in the status of women in India. The incidence of child marriage, female infanticide, foeticide, ill-treatment of widows and other atrocities on women continue to be perpetrated in Rajasthan and other parts of India. All these happen in the name of upholding the religious tradition. Kalpana rightly points out that the dignity of human being cannot be denied for sustaining tradition.

P. Vijayakumar,


Kalpana Sharma hits the nail on the head when she says that there should be absolutely no place for traditions that deny another human being dignity. It is heartening to note that the government is contemplating to amend the Sati (prevention) Act,1987. While the rule of the law has helped, as the author rightly points out, the mentality towards women and particularly widows has not changed for the better.

J. Anantha PadmanabhanSrirangam

It is a sad commentary on the social set up of Independent India, that laws could not save the innocent Roop Kanwar and the worst part is hymns were sung and a temple constructed on the spot. The Law by itself cannot bring about a social change. What is required is constant challenging of the premises of the ideology which reinforces the subordination of women.

Inamdar Ramchandra