Beat breast cancer

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When Jennifer Aniston, Patricia Clarkson and Demi Moore team up to direct and act in “Five,” an anthology of short films about breast cancer, you know it’s a subject you can’t walk away from. But you can run from it.

Running, cycling, walking, swimming — any regular workout, including lifting weights and doing stretch bands — slashes your risk by up to 30 per cent. Although vigorous exercise is most effective, you can gain some benefits from moderate activity.

How does this work? Physical activity lowers specific hormone levels, helps decrease inflammation and reduces body fat. This triggers a chain reaction: less fat, less estrogen and less inflammation equals less cancer risk.

Go walking for five days; aim for 10,000 steps a day. Include 20 minutes of rapid walking or other cardio exercise three times a week to raise your pulse to 80 per cent of your age-adjusted maximum heart rate. Also, do two days of strength training for 20 to 30 minutes. The combo also helps you dodge cancer and heart disease and keep your mind sharp and emotions calm.

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