The recent brouhaha over James Frey's memoir-"A Million Little Pieces" is indeed quite uncalled for ("The Fracas over Frey", March 5). As the writer has confessed, his chief intention of such embellishment was to make his work a compelling read. This he has achieved. And Frey has paid for his lies. One publisher has cancelled its contract for two books! It is neither practical nor lucrative to vet every memoir. At the most, publishers can include a clause that the writer can be sued for any false accounts. Prabha Muthukrishnan
BangaloreI thoroughly enjoyed the Time Out page, especially the article on Leicester Square. I have stayed in London twice and even passed by the place without really noticing or taking time to discover it. Thanks to your article I plan to make suitable amends next time.R. Ravi
IIM, BangaloreThis is in response to "No replacement for English". Though R.K. Narayan wrote in English, readers accepted the stories not for the language but for the ethos and sentiments of an average Indian. Any Indian language is better to retell the stories through the visual media, since English cannot express the nuances of an Indian's daily chorus. N. Ramakrishnan,
PalakkadThe charm of R.K. Narayan's stories failed in the film version, that too in Hindi. He drew pictures in simple and beautiful English. One can safely say that, for his stories, there is no replacement for English.Dr. C.V. Jayamani,
ThiruvananthapuramThe "City of Heights", Shanghai, is climbing to irreversible heights in China. Compared to India, China is making rapid progress. The two countries have much in common yet India has not been able to match China's growth. Capt. O.B. Nair
Poonithura, KeralaThe article on HELP set up by Malpanis is indeed useful to readers as many laymen are groping for an answer to various medical problems.P.M.Gopalan,
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