The cover story "Fire stones" (Magazine, December 25) was a well chosen article. The story was very captivating. Hats off to the author. Thinley Choden,
By e-mail A terrific story. Thanks for giving readers Eoin Colfer's story. I am sure the collection Higher Ground contains more such gems and would amply serve the noble purpose with which it was launched H. Balakrishnan,
BhubaneswarThe short story was a moving depiction of the trauma of facing natural disasters. Despite, natural disasters becoming the order of the day, we have not done much about disaster prediction. Though the civil society needs to be complimented for rising to the occasion, we cannot ignore that these disasters divert our attention from problems like poverty and hunger. The need of the hour, besides effective disaster management, is implanting mechanisms to predict the natural disasters so as to avoid their colossal damage. Amna Mirza,
Hindu College, University of Delhi"Fire stones" is a wonderful piece. The horrendous story of tsunami is retold in a vivid, picturesque and beautiful style. One wonders who is the central character in the story, the boy who narrates the experiences or the bizarre character, the Shampen savage or the horrid tsunami itself. The Shampen boy symbolises hidden virtue inherent in man. It is highly laudable that "Higher Ground Project" is organised with charitable objective in aid of the millions of victims of the natural calamity. Such creative reactions deserve all praise. V.K. Sathyavan Nair,
KottayamThe story against the backdrop of devastating Tsunami at Car Nicobar Islands was deeply moving and touching. Tribal people have better instincts about developments in Nature. P. Kannan,
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