Is there any novel, simple idea to scare birds, insects and rats from my fields?

P. Ramlat Hussein


Mr. Kantibhai Patel in Mehsana, Gujarat has developed a modern scarecrow to control insects and pests. An old bearing is installed on an iron stand. An empty galvanized tin is given the shape of a human. Strips are cut out from the tin and bent in the shape of fan blades. These ‘arms’ rotate when the wind blows. Pieces of a broken mirror are stuck on the body of tin and it is painted yellow so that it reflects the rays of the sun.

Small bells attached to both sides of the scarecrow’s head ring continuously as they are touched by the scarecrow’s rotating arms. A sticky substance is applied on the surface of the tin. The wings of insects flying near the crops get stuck and they die. A lighted oil lamp is kept in the tin at night to attract larvae, insects and white flies. They fly towards the lamp and drown in the oil in the container of the lamp (source: Honey Bee, 9(4): 14, 1998).