Watershed activities

Is there any person doing work on conserving water in and around Madhya Pradesh?

D. Puneet Sharma


You can contact Mr. Khumsing Chouhan at Gumadiya Khurd, Niwali post, Badwani, Madhya Pradesh, mobile: 09754216476 for your details. Mr. Khumsing has been instrumental in building checkdams and several other methods for conserving rain water in the region.

Rice farmers' association

Where can I get information on Gramasree rice farmers association?

Ajith George


Mr. M.R. Sasidharan from Mundokandathil house, Mylampady post, Appadu, Kerala, Mobile: 09745766774 has formed a rice farmer's association called Gramasree with an objective to retain farmers in paddy cultivation. The association has built a corpus fund and purchased agriculture machines to address labour problems.