Algae growth

Is there any method to remove the dense growth of green algae in a small pond behind my house?R. Srinivasan Nagapattinam

Absence of fish in the pond increases algae growth. You may release fresh water fishes such as rogu, catla and karp varieties and also grow flowers such as water lily and lotus. In a few months’ time you can harvest both the fishes and the flowers and make a handsome profit.

Moulded jaggery Is there any regular market where I can sell organic moulded jaggery (a chu vellam in Tamil)?S. Kathiresan Tamil Nadu

You can contact Mr. P. Arumugam, Deputy Secretary, Khadi Trust, Gandhigram, Dindugal, Tamil Nadu 624-302, phone: 0451-2452316 for details on your queries.