Recent research in psychiatry using nanotechnology would revolutionise treatment in the field, said Dr. A. Shivathanu Pillai, Chief Controller (R&D), DRDO.

Localised electric field

The present practice of painful electric shocks for treatment of the mentally challenged would be eliminated and would be replaced with specific localized electric and magnetic stimulation of the parts, using magnetic nano particles with minimal pain for the patients, Pillai said. Delivering the 3rd convocation of Karunya University, Pillai said Nano Bio medical sensors would play a major role in early detection of dreaded diseases like AIDS, as ‘immuno assays’ can be used for detecting antigens in blood samples by introduction of nanoshells attached to anti-bodies while sampling blood.

Nanotechnology offered a wide range of opportunities such as synthetic scaffolding and nanoceramic coatings for tissue repair and implants respectively, he said. — PTI