Sit back and read on, as SUVASINI SRIDHARAN brings you five favourite pieces from our take it easy policy

Typically, interior designers are likely to turn up their noses if you tell them you want to incorporate a recliner into your stylish drawing room. But if you don’t care for a designer home, or if you are voting with your back (as you should) then how can you not have a recliner in front of the TV or one in your bedroom or study? It seems like the perfect spot to sink into after a particularly bad day at work. However, if you are particular about perfectly elegant interiors, then consider customising your reclining chairs or sofas. You can change the upholstery so that it merges with the décor and does not stick out like a sore thumb.

Meanwhile, the world of reclining furniture has moved very far on from the ugly duckling seen on the sets of Frazier. Cutting edge design rules today and some of the sleek models on offer would put a catwalk model in the shade. German furniture maker Rolf Benz, for example, has the very stylish Rolf Benz 577, which is almost like a floor-model hammock in leather. It uses body weight to morph from a high-backed chair to a fully reclined chair. Then there’s the beautiful recliner that doesn’t look like a recliner but more like a chaise longue, the Panasonic Yasumi Relax Chair. ‘Yasumi’ is Japanese for ‘respite’, and this chair has all the Japanese hallmarks of Zen-like simplicity and beauty. Practically a single piece that seems to mould to the shape you want, you use a remote control to manoeuvre it. Another Japanese masterpiece is the Wink chair by designer Toshiyuki Kita, which itself looks a bit like a person reclining on the floor. This really low chair has a headrest in two parts, each with an independent reclining position. Tilting the chair forward makes it a chaise longue.

These models might not be available in India yet, but a few superb designs have found their way into our stores. Here are five of our favourites.