Working from the comfort of your home, as wonderful an option as it is, can also turn into a cumbersome affair if you do not create a clearly demarcated space for your work. It is, in fact, the most basic requirement in the absence of which slacking off is easy.

Here’s a checklist that will help you set up your own work space at home.

Find the sweet spot

If you’ve got an entire room to spare, there’s nothing like it. But in case you don’t, look for a corner that offers a little quiet and privacy. It needs to be a space that you can call office, while still being accessible to the rest of your home.

Consider the place under the stairs or a big closet, a part of the study or even the attic or the basement. Avoid bedrooms, as they tend to induce lethargy. For something more out-of-the-box, you can partition a section of the verandah with bamboo walls.

So you can enjoy natural light and the green balcony view. Whatever the area, just make sure you can hook up your Internet and telephone.

It’s all in the desk

Whatever designing you may undertake, your desk is going to play the lead role. So make sure it provides you with enough room to work. You’ll need one with shelves or cabinets and with ample space for your laptop, phone and other desk accessories.

Functional doesn’t mean boring though. You can customise your desk to suit the available corner. And chuck those predictable beige and brown tones for more playful colours such as forest green, brick red, pastel purple, yellow or a simple pristine white. Only make sure that it has clean no-fuss lines to avoid wasting any space.

Stack in style

You need room for storage in your office. If it’s a small area, go upwards with tall floating shelves or cabinets. To avoid that cramped feeling, get open shelves or frosted glass cabinet doors.

In small spaces, it’s wise to have the cabinets the same shade as your walls.

Oishee M. Talwar

Let your wall paint or wallpaper reflect the theme and accessorise keeping that

in mind


  • You can customise your desk to suit the available corner

  • 1

  • Look for a corner that offers quiet and privacy for your home office