The mortgage clause included into the building rules for any structure of more than ground plus two is being proposed to be made applicable to all constructions made in 100 sq.mts plot. It is likely to be the key modification in the forthcoming common building rules to be made applicable uniform to all urban areas in the State. As of now there are four different rules being followed in the State – A.P. Revised Common Building Rules – 2006 for GHMC, A.P. Revised Common Building Rules – 2008 for municipal corporations, A.P. Municipalities Development Control Rules – 2008 and A.P. Gram Panchayats Land Development (Layout & building) Rules – 2002 and amendments.

Senior officials in the forefront of releasing building permissions and regulating the construction activity do accept that there are more rules common among the four different sets of rules than differences. Hence, it makes more practical sense to bring them all under a single set of rules with a few minor changes depending on the urban area.

“We just need to earmark different setback and parking rules for different urban areas,” pointed out Director of Town & Country Planning (DTCP) B. Purushothama Reddy. For the last few months senior officials belonging to different municipal departments have been deliberating on framing out the proposed uniform building rules.

Currently, 10 per cent mortgage of property is insisted from builders for constructions of ground plus two and above to prevent any kind of deviations from the sanctioned plan. There is near unanimity among senior officials that the mortgage clause has been pretty effective in arresting the deviations trend in bigger buildings.

V. Geetanath