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M. Soundariya Preetha finds out the rules related to property

The busy neighbourhoods of the city are expanding into the fringe areas, with rapid development in the outskirts. However, with Coimbatore’s geographical proximity to the Western Ghats, it is important to ensure a balanced development that does not disturb the environment.

Reserved forests, water bodies, and elephant movement corridors – these need to be protected in this region.

One step towards balanced growth is better awareness among the public who invest in properties and land.

According to officials in Forests Department and the Directorate of Town and Country Planning, construction activities are not permitted within 60 metres from the reserved forest boundary.

Based on the local conditions such as frequent animal movement, then the area not permitted for construction can be higher. In the case of HACA (Hill Area Conservation Act) notified villages, buildings less than 3,000 sq.ft. need approval from the Local Planning Authority and if larger area, then it should have no objection certificate from the Forest Department.

Similarly, in the case of water bodies (ponds, tanks, stream, water canals) construction on patta land is not permitted for 15 metres from it.

Even within the city, residential activity should be 90 metres from burial grounds and minimum 200 metres from a sewage treatment plant.

In the case of railway track, construction should be 30 metres from the railway land boundary.

Multi-storeyed buildings (residential or commercial) should have 60 feet wide access road. In the case of buildings with four floors, minimum 30 feet wide road should be available.

In the case of violation of these rules, any related department or the local body can initiate action on the building.

K. Kathirmathiyon, secretary of Coimbatore Consumer Cause, says while getting layout approval, the promoter will have to give the topography sketch. And, thus, development on approved layout usually does not violate these basic norms.

However, in the case of unapproved layouts, sites, the property buyers need to be aware of the rules.

Awareness is high in Coimbatore compared to other parts of the State.

Yet, it needs to improve further so that people do not risk purchasing properties that have violated the norms.

They should also be aware of the risks to the construction if the norms are violated.

Awareness needs to improve further so that people do not risk purchasing properties that have violated the norms.


  • Buyers should ensure that the property is in an approved layout

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  • Approval of building and layout plans by the panchayat is not valid

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  • The people should be aware of the risks involved in violations

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