Aesthetics as well as social causes get highlighted on green walls, says Ranjani Govind

Real estate organisations across India are getting more and more sensitive to creating public awareness on green and sustainable theories that make a positive impact on city living and urban existence. While Bangalore still holds on to its Garden City tag, thankfully bringing in a few residential parks in several localities for being the much-wanted breathers, attempts by builder-organisations have brought to attention some of their endeavours towards ‘a green cause’. Take for example the effort by Cornerstone Properties at the Indiranagar Park which is home to the city’s outdoor green wall or a vertical garden! Or the Tata Housing Development’s initiative of going about the Lengthiest Wall Painting activity with the theme ‘Design your dream city’ for the ‘Mumbai Wallbook’ that has generated the spirit of 556 artists coming together for a city-improvement cause and attracted an entry in the Limca Book of Records 2013.

The Indiranagar Park handled by Cornerstone Properties is located at the busy junction of CMH Road and 100 ft. Road. The park is positioned at the core of a densely populated residential and commercial hub. Says Suraj Asrani, CEO, Cornerstone Properties, “The area was once abandoned due to lack of lighting and was seen as a hangout for unsavoury elements, but we decided to turn things around and today the sheer numbers that walk in here stand testimony to the fact that open spaces bring sustenance to people’s life.”

Amidst the one-acre lush foliage that the park showcases with variety green, a quiet corner stands in sheer majesty. That’s the green vertical wall, overlooking the entire park. Standing tall with good amount of inputs from green thumbs, the assortment of green is enmeshed on a vertical interlock measuring approximately 200 sq. ft.

“The vertical mesh has been custom-fit with small planters that have a range of crotons and other decorative plants in them. We have planted local foliage on the green wall. It works very well in the larger concept of a self-sustaining garden set-up too. The wall brings in an inbuilt drip irrigation system for watering,” explains Suraj.

Cornerstone says it can be easily replicated in apartment complexes and homes where the scope of planting trees gets less and can work well for both indoor and outdoor space in your backyard or courtyard, office reception areas, or even balconies, apart from serving as green partitions. While the cost of erecting a green wall would be anywhere from Rs. 900 to Rs. 2,300 per sq. ft., depending on the choice of plants, design and the logistics, one can enrich the soil with coco-peat and other nutrition-filled media with regular pruning, says Mr. Suraj.

Brushing their way through for nearly 900 metres were 556 artists in Mumbai, and their efforts that brought in a host of social messages last year on the Mumbai Wallbook never went waste as it got recorded in the Limca Book this year.

Tata Housing Development Company made it to the Limca Records for the lengthiest wall painting activity held in Mumbai on one platform.

Rajeeb Dash, Marketing Head, Tata Housing said, “It is an honour, as our Mumbai Wallbook was an engaging project with Mumbaikars.”

Ranjani Govind