If your home is on a makeover, leave some space for the swing, writes RASHI TIWARY

This summer, let your home turf welcome a new swing and you will be surprised at how quickly you bond with it.

Whether you place a swing inside the house, or a hammock in the garden, it lends a touch of leisure and comfort to the surroundings.

In India, the most ancient swings were made of tyre and were suspended with a rope, a common sight in villages.

The rocking motion of the swing is known to soothe a tired soul. Perhaps that is why, lullabies are still sung generations after generations to put crying babies to sleep in their cradles. While you can opt for swings made of jute and cane for a more casual look, hammocks made of fabric and swings made of metal lend a touch of elegance to the house. Metal swings require a heavier investment but can weather all seasons. Cane swings are available for approximately Rs.1,200 at Lakdi-ka-pul.

Priyanka Enterprises at Malakpet, stocks swings that are made from polyethylene and foam rubber. A cradle-cum-swing for a toddler costs about Rs.1,295 while swings for adults are in the range of Rs.2,000.

“Swings for toddlers come with proper safety precautions,” says Janardhan, the proprietor. Another interesting variant in between the hammock and the swing is the outdoor hammock swing chair. At Ikon Furnitures in Gachibowli, this model is available for Rs.10,000 in wood and Rs.14,000 in iron.

The swing can be your place to read, to get some fresh air or your makeshift couch from where you watch television.

So if you’re treating your home to a special makeover, remember to leave some space for that swing!