A box room, breaking in the middle the voluminous space inside the house, gives privacy to the lounge, dining space and kitchen but connects the visitor in the formal living space to the expanse of the room. The room accommodates the staircase landing, giving a suspended look to the living space on top. The landing space is connected through a veranda to the only room on the upper storey.

The contemporary and minimalistic interiors are done in a natural way of design. Sebastian Jose, architect, knew the house owner Shihas Ali’s requirements about family spaces. Hence, the kitchen, with an attached family dining space and prayer room, was woven around the large space in the middle.

Use of glass on both front and back connects the internal space to the outside. Even when the front and back glasses are covered with a blind, the house is lit brightly with the pergolas bringing in the light to a courtyard below. The veranda on top of the box room gives an appreciable spatial view of the house. The wide teakwood staircase adds grace to the front living area. The architect had joined Mr. Ali in doing up the interiors with dark flooring, interspaced with wooden tiles in formal areas, lighter walls and white upholstery. The house near Aluva has a large backyard where the family has a play area with a lawn. It steps down to a kitchen garden.


Photos: K.K. Mustafah