Curtains have pride of place in home furnishings these days. No longer are they used just to shield the interiors from the blazing sun and the public gaze. In the hands of a good interior designer, curtains give rooms their individuality.

Curtains, hanging from loops on rods fixed to the frames of doors and windows, come in various styles. Most buyers prefer plain loop curtains with not much decorative stitching, but those who love to splurge choose ring and frill curtains.

The trend now is handloom cotton curtains, following experiments with materials both light and heavy, adorned by prints, stripes and check patterns, says a salesman of a furnishing store in Kozhikode.

People prefer cotton to synthetic materials, despite the higher costs, mainly because it is eco-friendly.

“The curtain cloth is never wasted. Even if the curtain is damaged or the colour fades, the cloth can be used for some other purpose. That is why people prefer cotton to synthetic material,” says an employee there.

Thread curtains

Thread curtains are a recent entry into the market. Specially made in the loom, these curtains are plain threads hanging from a loop, often used in living rooms to form partitions.

They are rarely used on windows or doors. Double curtains were a fashion at one time. The inner curtains were drawn in, while the outer ones were drawn out and tied on both sides.

The double curtains were used just for style and not for any practical purpose.

However, the style has come back, but with some practical purpose attached.

The inner curtains are made in transparent voile cloth. As a result, the light comes in when the outer curtains are drawn out, while it can be blocked when they are drawn in.

Popular choice

A proprietor of a cotton fabrics unit says that jacquard handloom cotton materials are a rage now.

With intricate designs woven into the fabric using special looms, these curtains give an elegant look to the rooms, reminding one of the royal chambers.

More and more people opt for curtains that match the colour of the walls and furniture. Readymade curtains are available in most shops.

Still, people like to select the material and stitch it in their own style. Bamboo and fibre blinds are mostly used in offices and other commercial establishments.

For living spaces, cloth curtains are still preferred, as most people think that appropriate curtains have the power to give the houses a homely feel.

Aabha Anoop