All questions answered by Preenand P.

I have a property that is within BBMP limits and has the gram panchayat khata. When I approach banks for a loan, they ask for the ‘A’ khata. Aren’t there any banks that accept the ‘B’ khata?

Dharmalingam, Hoskote  

There has always been a long standing confusion of over ‘B’ Khata and ‘A’ khata property.  

The ‘B’ khata is nothing but an entry in a register whereas your ‘A’ khata is an official recognition from your local civic body on the ownership of the property. Only when you have this in hand can you receive a bank loan.


My sibling and I purchased a BDA site in 1987 and created a partition deed for it. We registered the deed and accordingly both our names were entered in the revenue records in 2004. All taxes too have been paid in my sibling’s name till date. Now she plans to sell the site. What are the documents she will require?

Renuka P., Bangalore

Since there is a clear demarcation of ownership and the documentation too seems in order, the only document that will be needed is a copy of the partition deed as well as the mutation certificate from revenue authorities.

We are purchasing an apartment and have realised that a section of the construction is not authorised. This is a G + 4 where the fourth floor has not been authorised. What are the issues in purchasing something that is not authorised? How can we work it out?

Johnson Dominic, Richmond Town

It would be legally in your best interests to purchase a unit that has all the permissions and approvals.

If you are particularly interested in the property, make your booking with the builder only on the condition that he obtains all the permits for the fourth floor.

Only then should you pay him the balance amount and register the property or else include a clause that he refund the money to you.