Garden enthusiasts can start growing Caudiciform trees as they are available at affordable cost, assures N. Chandramohan Reddy

So far the Caudiciform trees are popular only among those plant collectors and growers who like odd or peculiar plants and can invest good amount of money on plants. But now, since many of them are available in Indian market at affordable cost, the common garden enthusiasts also can start collecting and growing them.

Since the plants with well-formed trunk are prohibitively costly, it is always a good idea to procure small plants and nurture them in the garden. This enables the grower to manipulate the growth towards having good caudex.

The morphological range of such plants varies from small shrubs to lofty tree species and hence this category of plants can fit in wide range of garden locations.

Though most of the fat stemmed plants need good sunlight for their optimum growth, the potted specimens can also be used occasionally for indoor decoration. Following is the list of some of these wonderful plants and several of them are easier to grow, and you can start collecting and growing them in your garden!

Besides these species, some of the native trees like Cochlospermum religiosum , Gyrocarpus americanus , Boswellia serrata , Commiphora caudata , Erythrina variegata , Kavalama urens , Moringa concanensis , Ficus arnottiana , and Firmiana colorata can be grown as caudiciforms.

The author is a forest officer and presently Additional Commissioner (Urban Biodiversity) in GHMC and can be contacted at ‘