There are a wide range of choices such as designer boards, wall panelling, rock finish or brick finish, reports Rashi Tiwary

Doing up the walls of your house is no more limited to the staple cream, white or light blue. Not only are there several choices of colours that you can opt for, but also a combination of colours for a single wall.

As a city-based interior designer Jude Francis says, painting is in fact the cheapest option nowadays. One can pick from a wide range of choices such as designer boards, wall panelling, rock finish or brick finish.

Alternately, one can also go for murals that can greatly enhance the beauty of the room. Changing trends show that more and more people are slowly inclined towards these in order to have unique houses.

The cost of wall panelling ranges from about Rs.150 to Rs.500 per square feet depending upon whether your choice is for a non-metallic or metallic finish, he adds. Even for those who prefer to stick to lighter shades such as cream or white, there are several varieties that one can choose from.

Another trend that has recently set in is contrasts, i.e., to paint one wall a light shade and the other, a darker oneshade. Popular brands in the market are experimenting with all kinds of products.

For instance, Asian Paints has a variety of paints and wallpapers for furnishing children’s room. With the introduction of glow themes and ceiling themes, their aim is to keep children ‘mesmerised’ and ensure that the ceiling doesn’t get left out. Wallpapers such as Disney world and animal kingdom are also a popular choice for the children’s rooms.

Similarly, Nerolac’s eco-friendly range called ‘eco-clean’, introduced over a year ago, has environmentally-conscious persons vying for it. Berger Paints has a ‘Breathe Easy’ range that promise to leave no smell after painting. In addition, these brands have also introduced paint that is termite-proof and scratch-proof.

However, interior designers maintain that colour stereotypes remain. Blue is still associated with a sense of calm, pink is for girls and red is for those with a bold streak.

Some also believe that choosing a colour for the room is important because it is related to your mood. Siddharth Dhatrik, a CA student says, “I chose to paint my walls yellow and green because I wanted a different colour combination. Bright colours make me feel happy.”