Overwhelmed by nature

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The bio-oxidisedpond at Dr. Choudhary's home in Hyderabad.PHOTO K. RAHUL KUMAR
The bio-oxidisedpond at Dr. Choudhary's home in Hyderabad.PHOTO K. RAHUL KUMAR

As one walks into the house of Dr. Bakhtiar Choudhary at Sainikpuri, one feels close to nature as the house shelters several birds and breeding ponds.

A sports physician, Dr. Choudhary’s house is divided into two sectors - one half for the flora and fauna and the other where he lives with his family.

The sight of various animals co-existing harmoniously is heart-warming. Choudhary claims that the pond at his home is supplied with oxygen through biological means, and shelters cat fish, piranhas, turtles among others.

Growing fish also has other benefits. It acts a biological vector-control, helping prevent mosquitoes and other insects from coming into the house, he explains. “A remarkable thing is that the lotus leaves in the pond prevent it from turning into a green moss. Algae and other bacteria also do a bit in preventing any kind of water degradation. In fact, I haven’t had the need to change the water in many years,” adds the doctor.

Recollecting how as a child he would treat injured birds and wished to groom them some day, he says, “I decided when I was constructing this house that I would shelter and groom birds. It makes me feel closer to nature.” His house shelters over 45 pigeons.

Like a dog reacting to his master’s bell, the pigeons walk towards the kitchen, waiting for the doctor’s wife to feed them.

As people continue to encroach into the homes of the wild and most animals are left homeless, says Dr. Choudhary, before concluding.

“We enter into the territory of animals but expect them not to enter ours which actually belongs to them.

They should be allowed to grow in their natural habitat,” he says.





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