From furniture to baskets, the sundry shops of Lakdi-ka-pul can meet all your requirements, says Rashi Tiwary

Almost half a kilometre stretch at Lakdi-ka-pul is dedicated only to cane furniture. Take a stroll down the street and you’re all the more tempted by the shopkeepers who beckon to you, most of who are extremely obliging, for so competitive is the market that their mannerisms must set them apart.

From furniture to baskets, the sundry shops here can meet all your requirements.

Tables, chairs, dining table sets, rocking chairs, swings, garden chairs and baskets can all be found here at reasonable rates. Prices are more or less the same in most stores barring minor variations of size. A cane sofa set comes for Rs. 5,000, chairs and tables for Rs. 800 a piece, a swing for Rs. 1,200 and a rocking chair for Rs. 2,000. Similarly, a diwan comes with a price tag of Rs. 2,500 while a single cot can be taken home for Rs. 1,800.

Imitated models

All the finished products are manufactured in the Old City, where the young and old alike partake in the weaving process. While some vie to imitate the Chinese weaving model, others vie for Italian and so on and so forth.

Tough competition

Despite tough competition from wood, bamboo, plastic and various other materials used to make furniture, the owners of the shops have a positive outlook on the future of cane.

Md. Khalil, the supervisor of Bombay Cane Furniture Works says, “I’ve been in this business since the last 15 years and still manage to make profit. People with a passion for cane always come to purchase furniture from here.”

However, in one of the neighbouring shops, Italian Cane Craft, Md. Moinuddin Shahid, says that business is not as brisk as it was once upon a time.

“Till a few years back, we even had customers from Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, but now the numbers are gradually dwindling,” he says. He has christened his shop Italian Cane Craft as he claims they are ‘perfect’ in replicating the Italian model of weaving. A one-stop destination for cane furniture, the street is definitely worth a visit.


For that swinging sensationMay 8, 2014