This English language trainer has over 400 varieties of rare plants in her balcony garden

In a quiet corner of Hyderabad lies a mini-garden with over 400 varieties of plants — mostly rare ones which one would have to hunt to find. It is not located in a traditional garden setting, but probably in the last place one can expect it to be — a balcony on the fifth floor of an apartment at Sanjeev Reddy Nagar.

Meet Meenakshi Raj, a 45-year-old English language trainer, who collects rare plants as a hobby, and her balcony is neatly stacked with the plants perched on metal racks built by her. And since the space on racks was not enough for the growing plants, she had to commission a welder to forge chains at the ceiling’s edge, for hanging pots. “My mother had a nursery in our house at Chennai when I was a child, because of which my hobby of gardening developed. Since I don’t have an independent house, I decided to rear the plants in my balcony,” said Ms. Raj, whose flat hosts several species of flora such as rose, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, cacti, caladiums, creepers, begonias, orchids, and others. “I have to wait for the horticulture show every year so I can buy more plants. Now I have most of the ones exhibited at the event,” she laughed.


English language trainer Meenakshi Raj has over 400 varieties of plants in her balcony garden