Small spaces need not be denied of the best house-hold utilities that now come in several avatars

Small is fine and when it comes to space it could be cozy too, but how would you tackle the art of accommodating ‘everything’ that you need for your kind of lifestyle? These are times when one shops smartly for household utilities that help you do this. If your space is small, the new mantra is to start thinking about practical and utilitarian items that snugly fit-in with all the functionality attached.

Says Ajit Chellapan, General Manager, Gimi India, “Squeezing-in is often challenging. When there is no room to spare, maximising the potential of every inch becomes critical. A typical way of dealing with smaller spaces as we have seen is to drop items that seem to big to handle. Perhaps the solution lies in seeing beyond this to become creative.”

Role of technology

Opt for minimalism; the minimalistic design concept is softer and more personal and easier to live with, advises Mr. Ajit. Untapped space under the staircase or wall-mounted cabinets in most areas can help one store most of the items. Using compact home utility products also provides a perfect solution for clutter- and stress-free homes.

Products available in the market are research- and need-based if one has observed, and innovation and demand are backed by technology. Take the latest cloth dryers or iron boards for example. Ajit explains that the advent of Nytrogen technology (originated in Italy) uses nitrogen that is blowed into the pipes/handles of a product at very low temperature (-20 degrees) during the injection phase to empty the closed cavities from the inside, making them exceptionally resistant to bending and twisting and making the products long lasting. The technology is used in several home products, making them sturdy.

Table-top ironing boards are made portable to carry them on a vacation. It’s light and compact enough to be kept inside a suitcase. Balcony cloth dryers are getting popular as the compact user-friendly design helps save indoor spaces while the whole idea of the product is to be mounted on a wall.

Sleek, elegant and compact home utility products come in innovative designs. Look for pieces that are multi-functional or adjustable, such as a dining room table with expanding portions or for two in-one sofa-cum-bed sets to gain on space.

Gimi India, a subsidiary of Gimi GimiSpa, an Italian houseware manufacturing company, was formed in 2012 for the Indian market. Gimi India has distributor networks pan India and is headquartered in Bangalore with logistical operation partnerships across New Delhi and Mumbai. Gimi’s unique product portfolio has compact home utility products specifically designed for the Indian market.

These products are available at traditional as well as modern retail stores. Each product category has different rates. Iron Board ranges from Rs. 790-Rs.15,000; Cloth Dryer – Rs. 990-Rs. 2,700; Step Ladder – Rs. 3,000-Rs. 10,000.

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