More than the number of hours spent sleeping, how well the sleeping hours are spent is what matters, reports T. Lalith Singh

Auality of sleep decides the quality of the waking hours, it is often said. More than the number of hours spent sleeping, it is how well the sleeping hours are spent that is crucial.

The rigours of the day, from winding your way through the chaos of the city traffic to professional pressures to pressing social obligations all leaves one drained of energy and only some good and quality sleep can what rejuvenate him/her and prepare for the next dawn.

For a sound mind and body, good sleep is the key and this in turn could depend upon the bed you use to sleep.

Since the mattress plays an important role in ensuring sound and comfortable sleep, some care for it is appropriate.

Most have the mattress covered with spreads all the time which, in a way, keeps it choked and clamouring for some fresh air.

The bed too needs some air and it is imperative that some breathing spaces are allowed for it at regular intervals.

Do not always keep it covered and remove the spread once in a while for it to have some fresh air.

If possible, allowing it some sunlight too could be a good idea, and space permitted, the bed can be kept in the balcony or spread out on terrace to gain a bit of sunlight. But do not leave it in the sun for long hours.

Over a period of usage, the top mattress starts showing strains and changing it can help giving a fresh lease of life to the bed.

Another idea is to have a mattress cover to prevent the top mattress acquiring stains and dirt accumulation since the cover can be washed at regular intervals and replaced. The cover can be washed like regular sheets and with other bed linen.

Subjecting the bed to vacuum cleaner, albeit tenderly, at regular intervals also helps in keeping it free of any accumulation of unseen dust.

Most often, dust goes unnoticed and spending so many hours on a dust-layered bed is not advisable.

Also make it a practice to turn the mattress over once every few months but ensure that you do not end up folding or bending it unnecessarily or more than necessary.

Despite the best care, the bed linen does end up with unwelcome stains and the same need to be attended at the earliest.

The sooner they are attended the better are chances of getting rid of them.

Do not try to rub away the stains for they usually refuse to disappear that way.

Instead dissolve them with a proper wash.

Some of the branded mattresses come with instructions on ways to handle, including tips on its maintenance. Do check and follow them. At the same time, if a cleaning product is used, do check the cover of the product for instructions on whether it is suited for the purpose and the right way to use it.