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Nandhini Sundar
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While villas and apartments have been generally opting for thematic differences, some have come up with large landscaped gardens. A look by Nandhini Sundar

Developments typically display multiple facets, each novel or different from those existing, purely to add an element of interest and increase marketability. While villas and apartments have been opting for thematic differences or township concepts, there have been others who have come up with large landscaped gardens, offering low footprint for the physical structure.

Invariably however, expansiveness of these landscaped gardens is constrained by the availability of land, resulting in much lower green footprint. Interestingly this constraint is now getting addressed with developments featuring in suburbs where land is not so much at premium. One such development is Frangipani Country Estates which boasts of only 35 villas over 31 acres of land.

Amidst therapeutic gardens

Based on the concept of providing ample green space where nature permeates not just in the vast green environs but into the interior spaces of the residence too with the method of construction, be it design concept and orientation or materials used being totally green, the villas nestle amidst abounding fruit bearing trees, water bodies and therapeutic gardens.

Thus, local wood such as Honne, teak, locally available natural stone in their natural state, and locally available Mallur bricks are some of the materials used in construction.

A two-acre artificial lake, herbal gardens, aroma reflexology, acupressure zones, sculpture gardens, and meditation zones are just a few amongst the multiple features offered in the development, all tuned to make living a totally relaxing and rejuvenating experience in harmony with nature.

The villas are of two types, one that incorporates the traditional courtyard, open verandahs and large overhanging roofs into the residence while the other is sheltered by a curved earth roof.

Ambient temperature

Says Architect Indraneel Dutta of Dutta Kannan Architects, “The objective of incorporating courtyards and green roof was to ensure the ambient temperature in the interiors dispenses with the use of air conditioning. The courtyard villas ensure ample natural light that is not harsh and plenty of natural ventilation. The green roof acts as a natural cover against heat, reducing temperature within. The expansive green spaces complement these designs.”

Modern facilities

While each villa nestles amidst this expanse of green, the development also comes with a club house and accompanying facilities that offers the residents an all-rounded experience of country and city living combined.



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