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Fluorescent lighting has been around for so long that nobody really gives it a second thought. Yes, it ia pretty drab system of lighting that does not anything by way of aesthetics to home or office. However, the question is: is there an alternative?

The straight answer now, is yes — System X, an innovative lighting system born out of the collaboration between Yamagiwa, a Japanese lighting company, and the British designer Ross Lovegrove.

The concept entails an effective use of space while creating a comfortable ambience, providing soft yet dynamic lighting. This X-shaped lighting system with its elegant curvature has had a sensational impact around the world, following its debut in Milan and London in 2005.

The System X module

System X is a modular suspended lighting system made up of flexible fluorescent X-shaped lights that can be connected to other X modules to create an elegant lighting architecture for any interior space. The possibilities are endless: you can link as many X modules as you want, both horizontally and vertically to cover walls and ceilings and even form circles of varying sizes.

In essence, System X uses a set of “X” shaped light modules that can be joined and then hung from a ceiling to provide both illumination and decoration. The resulting system is not only attractive but is also bright and energy-efficient. Soft and even light is spread from these X-shaped modules in a full 360-degree radius.

Grid matrix

The use of System X lights is based on interconnections between the modules to form a grid matrix of any shape or size. This versatile piece can also be formed into a circular pattern, using either five or eight units. It is designed to use minimum suspension wire and power supply cable. And the great thing is that they can be dimmed via a central control unit to produce differing zones of lighting according to requirements.

System X modules can be easily joined with several types of connectors and can be matched freely to any scale or pattern, due to its unique X module form. The hanging lighting system is barely noticeable due to the pad-system wire-hanging flange and the electrical cord-hanging flange. Electrical current flows in through the joints, giving the impression of being a free-floating, shining net in space.

The modules are made of polycarbonate with an extruded aluminium inner frame, with each module containing two T4 curved fluorescent bulbs, of 21 watts each (included with each module); the bulb life is about 8,000-12,000 hours.

Each module measures: 20.25" x 36.75", height: 2.5", and weighs 4.4 lbs (2 kg) and can be suspended from a central point or from the ends (end suspension method is for systems composed of modules in a single line). Just one electrical feed can power two rows of modules of any length.

The overall effect suggests seamlessness between the lighting itself and the light it radiates. System X is both elegant in form and practical in design, a brilliant combination of form and function.

The product can be used for both home and office lighting: from small dimmable configurations for your dining room or conference room to large open expanses that can create zones of different temperatures of light in collective or singular modules.

It can be employed in lobby areas, corridors, offices, factory spaces where lighting is a problem, movie theatres, reading rooms and more.

This system is now available in India.




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