From doors to electrical and electronic items within a home all can be remote controlled

Home automation has been a concept associated with opulence, a facility only the wealthy can afford. Indeed, many a house has assumed the high-end tag merely by adopting an extensive range of automation solutions that literally transform not just security of the place but also its lifestyle.

Interestingly, this lifestyle product is no more confined to the choice few but available in all its multiple options to even the less wealthy customer. Thus, the not-so-wealthy household, by a mere touch of the control panel or through directives from the mobile phone, can manage the security of the residence or control the electrical and electronic items within.

For instance, where home automation solutions are sought to address entrance management, options such as control of front doors, French windows, and rear doors can be configured such that their opening or closing is remotely controlled and activated. Even a video log of who enters through these doors can be kept for remote monitoring, not just through the control panel but even through the mobile phone. To ensure security, access to control through a mobile is restricted by password.

Electronic gadgets such as television sets, air conditioners, music systems, and even the lighting elements in the interiors as well as the exteriors can all be controlled remotely.