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Nandhini Sundar
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Have you heard of cabinet and wardrobe shutters that could reflect motifs or theme used in the rest of the décor? A look by Nandhini Sundar

When doing up the interiors, the natural tendency is to have an increased focus on the furnishings and artefacts. Elements connecting the thematic presentation or a concept tend to be represented in specific accents in the décor. These accents also invariably find their way into the shutters of the cabinets and wardrobes depending on the room.

While the motifs used in the rest of the décor tend to be reflected on cabinets and wardrobes, bringing in an innovative theme into their representation or incorporating unique concepts into the structure can lend a totally different flavour to the interior.

The currently available wooden shutters come with limitations in representation, permitting tweaking only up to a point. The tweaking customarily tends to be confined to the varied types of veneer used or even carving fused in to reflect a traditional décor. If a colourful theme is opted, the wooden shutter takes on the related shade to blend in with the rest of the décor.

But beyond a point of tweaking the flexibility to innovate on the shutters ceases. Even when exotic pieces of glass or fabric are fused into the shutters, the possibility of delving deeper into a differential theme or representation throws up limitations.

No limitations

Circumventing such limitations and offering a wider platform for the play of designs and novel representations is NuShutter, with its versatile use of wood in multiple forms. Its high density fibre wood is tough yet throws up a multitude of options in designs that can be easily fused into the shutters.

The shutters typically come in five pieces, with the frame and inner segment fused in once the type of design has been decided.

For instance, if a sports theme is opted for in a room and the cabinet shutters are required to reflect this theme the same can be easily incorporated into the shutter.

The pictures depicted on the shutter will reflect a sharp image that is lifelike and blends seamlessly into the wood, totally transforming the ambience of the décor.

Similar pictures of wilderness or even a Barbie theme to suit a girl’s room can be incorporated into the shutters.

If fabric-clad shutters are preferred, the same effect can be brought out by using fabric that are sandwiched between two layers of glass and fused deftly into the machine-built frame where they appear as a natural continuous form.

If the wardrobes are required to breathe, again the required air vents can be fused in without sacrificing aesthetics or even appearing too mundane in the design as in a plain set of louvers.

Exquisitely designed glass vents, and innovative wooden air vents can be fused into the frame to lend a difference while serving functionality.

If the presence of louvers is viewed in terms of aesthetics, the same is also incorporated into the shutters though, in this case, they are fixed together with only the effect of the louver design visible.

Here the air vents are absent, with the wardrobe or cabinet opting for a closed unit.

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