New-age mattresses are a blend of the latest innovations in physics and technology, which, put together, are sure to make you sleep tight, writes RASHI TIWARY

Sleeping is not just essential for maintaining our overall health, rather it is also a chance for some of us to indulge.

Keeping this in mind, several brands have come out with a range of mattresses. New age mattresses are a blend of the latest innovations in physics and technology, which put together, are sure to make you sleep tight.

Choosing your mattress

For the Indian climate, it’s best to opt for mattresses of good quality that don’t get heated up too fast. Choosing the right fit is also important. The best way to do this is to measure your cot first and buy a mattress that suits its length and breadth.

Supraja Rao, the chief designer at Design House in Jubilee Hills, believes that one should physically check the mattress before buying it. “If possible, you should sit or lie down to see how your back feels,” she says.

Generally, age is also a factor when it comes to buying mattresses. While younger people would prefer soft mattresses, middle-aged people are likely to opt for a firm one. However, at the end of it all, no professional recommendation should matter more than personal choice, she adds.


As far as maintenance is concerned, the mattress should be turned head to toe every once in three to four months, suggests Ms. Rao. Besides this, mattress protectors that come with an extra layer of elastic are also available in the market. This elastic layer can be removed and washed whenever needed.

In case the mattress gets wet, some absorbent or blotting towels should be used. Sunning the mattress is required only in rare cases when the damage is to a greater extent.

Where to go

There are mattresses with different features to suit every budget. If earlier, the choice was limited to a hard or soft mattress, nowadays, a single mattress incorporates both features. The invention of therapeutic mattresses has also done much to relieve stress and anxiety.

At SleepFine Mattress and Furniture Industries in Begumpet, orthopedic spring mattresses are also available. Made from aloe vera fabric, a 6x6 ½ mattress that is 8“ thick, is priced at Rs. 28,000. Besides supporting the back and joints, it is also known to lend a sense of comfort to the entire body and is presented as mosquito and bacteria-resistant.

In cases where the mattress is made of a mix of rubberised coir, the warranty is up to 5 years and comes with a price tag of approximately Rs.8,500. Mattresses made of kapok are also available to give one a night’s uninterrupted sleep.

Some mattresses also come with a 25 years warranty and are available in vibrant shades and patterns. SV Enterprises in Ameerpet also stocks spring mattresses made of visco elastic which is also touted to be good for the back and comes with additional bounce. For customised mattresses, Starlet Furnishings in Banjara Hills takes orders for father mattresses. The interior consultant at the store, Chandni, says, “Customers go even up to Rs.60,000 for a single mattress depending upon the fabric they choose and the thickness of the mattress.” Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to be fussy while choosing your mattress. After all, you will be spending a lot of time on it!