This season, add a new look to your home with these unusual trinkets, says Lakshmi Krupa

Get lauki!

Give your Diwali a Halloween-sque twist with this Lauki Hanging lamp by Dastkar. The intricate hand-carving on wild lauki (bottle gourd) takes around 7-10 days each to complete! Available on, these products are designed by Jagatram, an artist from the Bastar who has been doing this for some time now. He is a second generation artist experimenting with bamboo and bottle gourd.  The lamp comes with three meters of pre-fitted wire, along with a jute rope. According to iTokri, it gives best results used with CFL under 15watts.

Lauki lamp

Price: Rs.1,246.69

Find it at

Float it

This floater made in copper with a clear lacquer coat on the outside comes from Coppre, based out of Maharashtra. Coppre works with urban copper craftsmen to create new décor products. "The Tambat metal artisans from Pune etch their designs on copper with their unique beaten-work. This traditional craft has been passed from generation to generation for almost 400 years and honed to an art form by the artisans practicing it," according to Coppre.

Copper floater

Price: Rs.7,650

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Dear Ambi

Designed by Arjun Rathi, this Ambi lamp is fashioned from the headlight of an Ambassador car! Using a mild steel plate for base and a square mild steel hollow section with a powder-coated finish, with a screw in bulb fixture, the lamp repurposes the trusty ol’ Ambi’s headlights into a stylish new lamp. The base is made of a thick metal plate to counterbalance the weight of the heavy glass cover. The lamp is flexible at all three joints with a rotating base, allowing complete mobility and flexibility in usage.

Ambi lamp

Price: Rs.14,000

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Star power

Mirrors are not only considered auspicious but also add to the overall look of any space. Good Earth, this festive season, offers this Star Mirror made from white metal. The mirror caught our fancy for its new spin on a traditional motif that is common to celebrations in the subcontinent. Be it a kolam or a rangoli, the lotus takes prime position!

Star mirror

Price: Rs. 28,000

Find it at Good Earth, 3, Rutland Gate,, 4th St, Chennai. Ph: 43087878

Kaavad calling not only records the stories of craftmen, but also helps them find customers from different corners of the country. This Kaavad, a mobile shrine, is "for those who are religious at heart and for the lovers of art". Gaatha describes it as a beautiful means of narrating a story that unfolds as each layer turns one by one. "Much before cinema and animation, storytelling was in such forms that would bring the storyteller and listener together in their mesmerising worlds of mythical heroes and gods. The Kaavad shrine is made of mango or sheesham wood, by a community of carpenters called suthars in the Mewar district, for the storytellers 'Kaavadiyas' from the Marwar district who recite the Kaavad (Kaavad Baanchana) for their patrons spread over Rajasthan and other states.


Price: Rs.1,200

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Spin off

This 'Turn Around' jewelry box from Loco Popo can make heads turn, quite literally! Each time you turn the lid, the characters on the boxes take new avatars. It's a fun unusual combination of men, women and even animal faces! These boxes are silk screen printed and nature friendly since its made out of only paper and card board.

Turn Around

Price: Rs. 275

Find it at Ashvita Fine Living Store, Alwarpet and Besant Nagar.

Light-en up

Add some drama to your living room, or create a ‘cosy lit up’ look on your balcony with this 'Serendib Lights' from Good Earth. The birdcage-like appearance gives this iron lamp a vintage look too!

Serendib Lights

Price: Rs. 18,000

Find it at Good Earth

Pitcher perfect

Entertaining this Diwali? Consider this blue pitcher made from a galvanized sheet metal powder coat!

Elan Amphora Love Pitcher

Price: Rs. 1,200

Find it at Ashvita

Chime on

These bells, handcrafted by artisans of Kutch is sure to remind you of a place far away from the madding crowds! The craft of metal bells, or Ghantadi "is believed to be over a thousand years old and originated in Sindh, (currently in Pakistan). These bells were used to identify cattle.

Kutch metal bell

Price: Rs. 740

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This pink gift box with intricate patterns can hold that perfect gift or be used as your mithai dabba for the festive season!

Gift box

Price: Rs.1,250

Find it at Ashvita