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Sprucing up the garden is now easier with accessories readily available

not just greening: Beautifying the outdoors is becoming more prevalent now.
not just greening: Beautifying the outdoors is becoming more prevalent now.

Outdoor spaces are getting more eye catching now.

Globe trotting professionals, businesses with international footprints and larger access to information have all had their share in pepping up the local home gardens and outdoor spaces.

Gone are the days when it was just the living or the dining rooms that reflected the house owners' artistic flavour and travel experiences.

Outdoor spaces are now an extension of the house. Be it driveways, gardens, porticos or the terrace, house owners are planning these spaces for functional and aesthetic purposes. “Awareness on outdoor planning is increasing with more people travelling to other cities and countries,” says landscape architect S. Jeyakumar.

When a customer starts planning for a new home, the indoor and outdoor spaces are designed simultaneously from the beginning.

Outdoor functional areas and aesthetic spaces are identified. Furniture, bar and barbeque go to the functional area.

The aesthetic space is not encroached much for daily use.

Those who do not want to have plants on the terrace or in the portico, can go in for stone cladding for walls, stone pitchers, pebbles and lighting to give life to the space.

Artificial boulders

Several garden accessories are readily available in the market.

Artificial boulders have replaced the natural ones to a large extent. Stone works, including marble and sandstone sculptures, are used in several projects and these come from Rajasthan and Orissa.

Garden furniture is available in stone, wood, cast iron or even synthetic fibre. Lighting, bird baths and carved panels are the other major garden accessories which are available readily.

However, lily ponds and murals are customised, he says.

According to Sanjay Gulvady, Managing Partner of eLLements, natural stone flooring, outdoor furniture, and pottery are catching up in a big way. Swings are also getting popular.

The demand comes from individual home owners who are fast realising the potential of open spaces and urban gardens. Most of these products are imported, he says.

m. soundariya preetha



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