Dress it up

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Renovate your home, one room at a time

When you realise that the living room needs more colour or that your kitchen could use more storage space, or that your bedroom needs a change of character but not all at the same time, what do you do? Here is one solution.

Golden Section Design Studio has come up with a plan where anyone looking to do up even just one room in the house can approach them for a consultation.

“This is just to design rooms at a nominal fee,” says S.V. Lakshmi, interior designer and project manager, “We will give the layout, plan section elevation, estimates, 3D model, material cost and so on. Then clients can decide whether they want us to do the redesign for them or they can get it done by their own contractors.”

While most people usually want a change of scene every once in a while, not everyone can afford a renovation or redesign of the entire house.

“People buy apartments based on the price but when they move in, sometimes the specs don’t match their needs.

"We can help redesign any room they aren’t happy with. For eg, if the kitchen is too cramped, we can move things around, or knock the whole room down and create more area.”

A lot of enquiries are either to redesign children’s rooms or to create space in kitchens. “The children don’t want pink walls anymore or the kitchen needs a bigger sink,” says Lakshmi. Call 9884602308, or visit






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