The RICS curriculum has been designed in consultation with the industry

According to the RICS Research Report ‘Real Estate and Construction Professionals in India,’ by 2020, India will have nearly 50 million people working in the built environment, of which only two million will be professionally qualified, while the remaining will be primarily construction workers.

The requirement

To deliver the potentially required real estate space and planned infrastructure, India will need nearly 4.5 million ‘core’ built environment professionals over the next decade. However, given the minuscule supply of built environment professionals today, the current demand-supply gap ranges between 82 and 86 per cent.

Says Sachin Sandhir of RICS, “The RICS School will address this gap and produce skilled professionals for the industry. We plan to increase our offerings across various other knowledge areas such as surveying, valuations etc., within the built environment, along with the number of seats too in future. The programme has been designed in consultation with the industry. Thus the school, led by industry in terms of course curriculum and placements, will be a centre for research activities in the years to come.”