To participate in the Paint the Change’ initiative, consumers have to contact the nearest collection centre where paint dealers will collect the unused paint. The consumers can also drop the unused paint at Nerolac offices, depots and showrooms. There is no specific criterion on the quantity of paint to be donated and paints belonging to any brand will be accepted. The dealers will deposit the paints collected from the consumers at the nearest depot centre. Nerolac is associated with a prominent NGO for assistance in the collection. The initiative will also extend its outreach to dealers, contractors and painters who will contribute by means of retail space for collected paint and manhours for the painting of the structure. Alternatively consumers could log on to the website and contribute digital swatches of paint towards the cause.

Consumers will also be involved in the selection of the site to be painted. A Facebook page allows customers to upload photographs of sites that need a revamp. The top 25 sites will be shortlisted by Nerolac, out of which the one receiving the maximum likes , will undergo the makeover.