All you need to know about picking the right cupboards for your home. By Teja Lele Desai

Modern closets are no longer a higgledy-piggledy affair. Like the rest of the home, they are multifunctional areas that, apart from providing storage for apparel and accessories, often include dressing space, mirrors, and other add-ons.

Be it store-bought or custom-made, the perfect closet is one that’s the right fit for you. We may not all have extravagant closets but figuring out the basics allows you to get maximum storage in the minimum space. Here are some questions to ask:

l How much do you need to store in your closet?

l Can you get a bespoke closet (a walk-in)?

l Will you be sharing the closet (or a section of it) with anyone else in the family?

l Will shoes, bags and belts also be stored in the closet?

l Should the closet also have a built-in dresser?

Once done, tap these tips to create a closet that’s the perfect match for you:

Use the vertical dimension to take advantage of all available space. Go by the rulebook: Most-used items at eye level, less-used below, and least-used high above.

Shelves should be spaced about 12 inches apart for regular clothes and 14 inches apart for bulkier items such as sweaters and jackets. Adjustable shelves allow maximum versatility.

Ensure that the closet allows maximum visibility to keep things sorted. Wire and glass baskets or drawers makes finding things a piece of cake (yes, even during rush hour!).

Organisers help break up space and use it more efficiently. Drawer organisers are a boon when it comes to fitting in more socks, under clothes, and other small items.

Sort out and arrange clothes as you see fit. They can be classified as formal, casual and home wear, and sub-categorised into tops, shirts, tees, pants, skirts, jackets, and so on.

A bunch of hooks and rods allows storage of bags, trinkets, belts and ties. Explore the back of closets by nailing hooks into it – the perfect place to hang bandannas and scarves.

Explore niches to create out-of-the-box storage – a deep recess could house a bangle collection; the vertical space above clothes hangers can house a small drawer.

A full-length mirror on the inside of the closet door creates an instant dressing room. If space permits, put in an ottoman with storage – seating, storage and a dressing area in one go.

For shoes, place organisers on the floor of the closet or get deep drawers made at the bottom of the closet. Bins and baskets stacked up at the bottom of the closet can also be used.

Store accessories, bags and shoes on different shelves (or drawers) to avoid creating a mess. Make space for off-season storage elsewhere – may be in a box bed or in cupboards above the closet.

A lighting fixture inside a closet may seem excessive, but it works wonders when you’re trying to fish out a pair of matching socks or that elusive little shrug.

For a closet that invites you to linger, add a little extra. A few DIY scented sachets – small muslin/cloth bags filled with cloves, dried orange peels, dried flowers, herbs, and spritzed with a dab of essential oil – work wonders!

Declutter at times, and be ruthless. Classify items into three piles – trash, give away and keep. That’s the secret to ensure a closet that’s always in mint condition.

A lighting fixture inside a closet may seem excessive, but it works wonders