The house is totally contemporary in style and décor, displaying a fine blend of the traditional concept of Thottimane. A look by NANDHINI SUNDAR

The site space is barely 1,200 sq. ft. Yet the residence packs in three bedrooms, a study, a courtyard, twin living and dining spaces along with twin kitchens. Built on three levels, the house designed by Architects Smaran Mallesh, Narendra Pirgal and Vikram Rajashekar of Cadence Architects reveals creativity and intelligent handling of the spaces to offer beyond what is expected of a small site.

Fashioned as a box from level one of the structure, the residence was deliberately made to look inwards, aesthetically shutting out a congested neighbourhood. While the ground level of the house accommodates a single bedroom, an open kitchen that flows into the dining and living, along with a car park, the upper level has a charming courtyard into which the second and third level of the house overlook.

Courtyard in the corner

It is common to place a courtyard in the centre of the house with the rest of the spaces veering around it. “But we placed the courtyard in the corner to address the implications of the elevation, where the other quadrants of the house overlook it,” says Architect Smaran. The dining and living spaces with their sheer glass walls directly open on to the courtyard with both spaces “visually appearing larger because of the open feel of the courtyard”.

The twin bedrooms placed at the upper level likewise overlook the courtyard, again captivating on the visual expanse of the open space.

Interestingly, the site being small, the individual spaces, be it the living area, dining or the bedrooms, do not offer a large expanse of space.

“But the presence of the courtyard gives the moderate spaces a visual feel of an expanse while also feasting the eye on the greenery and natural light,” says Smaran.

Exotic patterns

The clear height of the courtyard extends up to the third level while the aesthetically placed jaalis in the elevation create exotic patterns of light in the courtyard while affording a shielded view of the exteriors. “The objective was to give a feel of openness to the interiors, where they extend over to the landscape without being visually hindered by the congested exteriors,” adds Smaran.

The residence also accommodates a library-cum-study while there is provision for opting for either a fourth bedroom or a terrace garden on the upper level.

The house is totally contemporary in style and décor, displaying a fine blend of the traditional concept of a Thottimane in a contemporary set-up. It also successfully demonstrates the possibilities of opting for this concept even in a small site.