A design that offers everything within half-a-mile of residence is a good proposition as it “reduces wasteful commuting time”

A building invariably conforms to the specifications of the site topography and most specifically the functionality to be addressed. While these assigned principles need to be adhered almost to surgical precision, Aaron Schwarz, Principal and Executive Director of the international design firm Perkins Eastman, delves deeper to the bottom where detailing is taken to a new level.

Speaking at a presentation organised by INCITE Gallery, Schwarz dealt with in great detail the nuances that need to be addressed before a design is perfected. Stating that a design that offers everything within half-a-mile of residence, be it work, entertainment or commercial avenues, is a good proposition as it “reduces wasteful commuting time”, Schwarz spoke on the role played by people, place and purpose in determining design of a building.

“How people will interact and use the spaces, what is the environment, what context the building needs to relate to, or even political environment, would be key factors to contend with while designing. Add to this the purpose of the building. These need to be understood in the context before designing”, say Schwarz. His project Chongqing, the national public library in China, was a building sponsored by the government to address the task of providing ‘open and free’ knowledge to the public. His project Indian School of Business-Mumbai contends with a nala on one side while the climate is one of humidity.NANDHINI SUNDAR