There are a range of approvals and sanctions that need to be obtained before a builder begins construction of a project.A look by Preenand P.

There is always a huge demand for property from a builder of repute known for quality construction. Even if those homes are at a premium, buyers are ready to pay for the ‘peace of mind’ that all approvals are in place.

However, for any building to come up, the builder will need to have a set of approvals as well as sanctions from all the authorities concerned. Any building that comes up without these approvals will invite penalty in the form of fines and even prosecution. A leeway of around five per cent is allowed from the plan. Beyond this it will warrant demolition of the building. Here are some of the approvals and sanctions you need to ask your builder for:

Building Plan:  A building plan has to be submitted well before the construction begins. The plans are graphical representations of the way the building will look once it is done. This approved plan is the basis on which the authorities can verify that all the rules have been followed. It is also a compilation of building laws. Only when the plan has been approved can a builder begin construction and this has to be done within two years. It is also expected that there be no deviation from the plan.

Layout approval:  The next step is for the builder to get an approval from authorities on the layout of the building, whether it is a commercial or a residential one. If a construction is started without these approvals, then it is considered a violation of municipal laws and fines are levied accordingly. The same goes for plots of land that have been divided without the express permission of the authorities. Any land that is divided without permission into sub-plots for development is considered an unapproved layout. Once considered illegal, no amenities in the form of roads, drainage, street lighting will be extended in such areas.

Basic amenities:  It is the duty of the builder to get an approval from authorities for electricity, potable water and water for non-potable uses. The building has to be in compliance with building laws for this approval of basic amenities to come through.

No Objection Certificate (NOC):  NOCs have to be obtained from the pollution board. Sanctions also have to be sought for sewer line and water supply. NOCs saying that the property has not encroached on any other space in the vicinity are also important. If the owners of the property require a borewell, an approval from the authorities has to be sought. The same goes for needing to fit in an elevator. Illegal digging or fixing of a lift will bring on a levy of penalties