Your construction-related queries answered by Green Evolution, an architectural service firm

We are in the process of constructing eight flats, demolishing the existing old building measuring 4,332 sq.ft. With stilt plus two floors it was told that we have to get CMDA approval as there are eight kitchens. Recently in our street, a building has been constructed stilt plus two floors with six flats (with Chennai Corporation approval) and the front space provided is 5'.Now we are to provide 11'5'' at the front as per CMDA regulation. This looks odd and by this we will lose 60 sq. ft per flat. Further our architect says CMDA will approve only four car parking and four two-wheeler parking. This may be applicable to malls and business establishments but for a residential building, any one can park eight cars easily in the entire stilt area, less staircase and lift room. Will eight car parking be sanctioned?

K. Santhanakrishnan, Chennai

As you will be building eight kitchens, it falls under the category of ‘special buildings’ and will require an approval from the CMDA. The regulation of 11.5’ front setback is correct as per CMDA guidelines. If you build only six kitchens or less you would need  to comply with the Corporation guidelines which require 5’- 10’ setback depending on the approach road width. However in your case, CMDA does allow an additional floor (stilt+3) if your plot extent is greater than 450 sq. m. In this case you may be able to build one more floor, thus not losing out on the 60 sq. ft per flat area due to higher setbacks. Regarding the parking spaces it will be difficult for us to comment without looking at your floor plan. Total number of parking spaces depends on the space you have available for parking plus an access driveway.