Be it the living, dining, pooja or the bedroom, spreading aroma has graduated to mind-boggling forms that are specific to spaces as deodorants, perfumes, natural incense oils, aerosols, air fresheners, diffusers, vapourizer, potpourri or aroma candles make their way.

To get a feel of some aroma-laden perfumed decors, some explanations from Kiran Ranga - graduated in Business and perfumery from the University of Plymouth, U.K. - would help understand the characteristics of each whiff that could suitably be placed to bring in the right effect in living spaces. Scented candles are sweet smelling and colorful which can do wonders in relaxing and soothing the mind and body.

Potpourris are colorful and fragrant naturally dried herbs and flowers that emanate relaxing and soothing scents. In order to make potpourri have a stronger scent the following tips can be used

Reed diffusers are smoke, wax and flame free, making it a popular option among shoppers.