A few simple rules go a long way to make your home gain instant appeal

Making your home the sweet home you want it to be requires diligent attention. Without regular makeovers, you run the risk of being stuck in an era bygone with the home unable to live up to your growing necessities. Besides, revamping it every now and then definitely adds a whiff of freshness to life.

“However, one needs to be careful enough to not go overboard with too many objects, textures and colours,” states Pune-based interior designer Jayshree Jhamtani, “It’s important to strike the right balance. Highlight one thing at a time and you’ll be able to create the desired impact.” Here are a few doable ideas to get it right without having to make structural changes to the home.

Toss it Out

The first step to making any room feeling new, is to toss out the old. Not everything has sentimental value. And when not in use, best to toss it out or better yet, sell it off.  Not only does it de-clutter the home, but also gives you additional space to be creative with the décor.

Fun with Furniture

If you don’t know where to begin, try rearranging the furniture. For starters, you may find that the new order opens up a considerable part of the room, creates newness and makes way for more fresh ideas to pour in.

You can also try and refurbish old furniture with innovative designs of your own. For instance, got a rickety old chair? Consider sawing off the legs to create an alternative floor seating. And don’t forget to paint it in something bright.

Fabric Fashion

When you can’t go in for brand new furniture, revisit the upholstery.  “This is especially useful in the living room. You can always change the fabric at any local shop. The fresh colour and feel will add a new touch to the living space,” says Jayshree.  

Of course, don’t forget to give the linen a second look. If the curtains need to go, make sure that they do. Try some throws on the sofa and new linen for the beds.

Preferably in a colour that compliments the walls and you’ve got a whole new space to enjoy.

Colour Me Bold

Jayshree also suggests textured paint or wallpaper on any one wall in the room.

It creates an impact, doesn’t take much time and with the kind of variety and service available in the market today, is relatively hassle-free as well. Having just one wall stand out in the room is the surest way of enlivening the space.

And if you’re bold enough, you can even try and paint free flowing designs or stenciled motifs onto the walls yourself. Think bright colours and be adventurous.

Another easy but effective way is to hang up pieces of art on your wall. Locate the prominent spaces in your home where you can display artifacts.

Use paintings to balance or offset the colour in a room.  “However,” warns the designer, “Be careful to not go over the top.

The right design looks perfect and complete with the right kind of accessories.”

Lights are an important part of any home. When used creatively, it can create mood and space.  Instead of using the boring old tube lights, check out other options such as pendant lamps, floor lamps, decorative wall fixtures or LED strips. “Warm white or yellow light lends a cozy and comforting look to the room,” she opines.

Go Green

It’s amazing what plants can do for your interiors. Let them climb up the walls, hang down from the ceiling, sit pretty in a corner or sturdy in a pot. A touch of fresh green makes your home a relaxing and welcoming .  

And if you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, don’t hesitate to add accessories like a water feature between the foliage, perhaps a birdhouse or maybe even a garden gnome if you can source one. “At the end of the day, the living space must reflect the personality of its owners,” says the young designer. And it doesn't always have to be elaborate.