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Jai Kumar
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Tata Capital Limited is a subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited. The company is registered with the Reserve Bank of India as a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) and offers fund and fee-based financial services to its customers.

Tata Capital Limited caters to retail, corporate and institutional customers, across various areas of business, namely commercial finance, investment banking, private equity, infrastructure finance, securities, wealth management, consumer loans, cards, travel related services and foreign exchange.

Tata Capital is headquartered in Mumbai and has a wide network of over 100 branches across major Indian cities and has subsidiaries in London and Singapore.

Amar Sinhji heads the functions of human resources, business excellence, corporate sustainability, infrastructure and administration for Tata Capital Limited.

Amar has more than 19 years of industry experience, out of which he has been with the Tata Group for the last 10 years.

He worked with the Indian Hotels Company as Director – Human Resources (Leisure Hotels) until he moved to Tata Capital.

He spoke with The Hindu Opportunities about distinctive HR policies of Tata Capital. Excerpts:

How does the HR of Tata Capital leverage the benefits of being part of Tata Group to provide on-the-job training in various aspects of the business to its employees?

The Tata Group has tie-ups with leading institutions in the country and institutions abroad like Ross School of Business at Michigan, Ann Arbour and Stern University at New York. Tata Capital leverages these tie-ups for various training programmes.

In addition, world-class facilities of Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC) at Pune are always available for our broad-based and specific training needs.

What are the unique aspects of Tata Capital’s flexi-working hours?

Tata Capital’s flexi-working hours allow for temporary as well as long-term adjustment of an employee’s working day, giving them a unique flexibility to plan their office hours around their personal commitments. Any employee, at any level can avail of the benefits of this policy.

Under special circumstances and for special needs, the company is also open to employees working from home and this is enabled by making extensive use of technology.

What are the distinctive features of financial assistance programmes for employees adopted by your company, in terms of housing and education loans?

The housing loan subsidy covers a significant portion of the interest burden of an applicable employee irrespective of whether the loan is taken from Tata Capital itself, or from any other provider.

Additionally, home loans from Tata Capital are also provided at an interest less-than-market rate.

Depending upon the nature of education, the potential and long-term growth of the employee, the cost of education itself may be entirely covered by the company.

What are the benefits of Employee Stock Purchase Scheme as a form of incentive for employees?

The unique nature of our ESPS is that shares are made available to all employees, irrespective of grade, level or function. This ensures that even junior employees can participate in the company’s growth and partake of the fruits of success of the company in the future.

How do activities for employees’ after-work-hours feature in the overall HR policies of Tata Capital?

Tata Capital has a programme called ‘Zest’ that provides classes in currently popular areas like dance, foreign languages, etc.

These facilities are provided at a subsidised rate for employees.

What is the social responsibility initiatives of Tata Capital that the employees are encouraged to undertake?

Tata Capital has a dedicated Corporate Sustainability team which works in the socially relevant areas of welfare, livelihood and employment, education and the environment.

The volunteer programme of Tata Capital ensures participation of employees in the work being done in the above areas and other key initiatives.

Volunteering is actively encouraged among all employees.

What are your firm’s HR policies regarding internal job movement?

Tata Capital has a programme called iSculpt, which manages internal job movements.

On completion of certain tenure all employees are eligible to apply for jobs posted on the iSculpt. Jobs that become available in the company are first published internally before giving access to the market.

Under iSculpt, a steady stream of employees has made successful transitions into different jobs/ businesses/ functions within Tata Capital.

What are your initiatives regarding gender and diversity in workforce?

Tata Capital has a relatively young workforce and is fairly diverse in terms of gender and background.

The policies of maternity and paternity leave, prevention of sexual harassment etc., celebrations of International Women’s day and national and regional festivals help in encouraging and maintaining such diversity.

We are also trying to actively build gender diversity by focussing on hiring more women employees through our entry level hiring schemes like the management trainee programme and the graduate trainee programme.

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