Leaders, managers and executives may try to help in being fully engaged at work and bonding with the organisation and bettering your performance as the years roll by. But if one is not self motivated all the good work done by the people and peers around can come to naught.

Employee engagement strategy plays a vital role in motivating the performance levels of the workforce only to some extent. It is the employee who has to take up the onus on himself to pick up those clues and reap the benefits.

The great business leader Jack Welch said several years ago: “Never mistake activity- for accomplishment.” If one thinks that doing the allotted job and completing tasks on time, is the criteria for assessing that an employee is fully engaged, the premise is wrong.

A motivated employee will seek ways to accomplish tasks in a better way. He will be looking to contribute his best at every new opportunity that comes his/her way. He is always willing to go the extra mile to take on an additional burden if the situation demands it.

Such employees realise the connection between their contribution and the company's needs. They are fully aware of the organisation's goals. They strive to hone their skills so that they are able to meet changing demands at the workplace. They are ready to share their knowledge to help others improve their skills. They bond with the team by taking on tougher tasks.

They understand the need for quality output and give utmost importance to customer service and relationship.

Self motivated people generally do not indulge in finding fault with either company policies or peers. They have a mature outlook. They are ready to discuss and see the other point of view.

People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents, said Andrew Carnegie.

The zeal to excel comes only if one is self motivated. People who want to excel and are prepared to make a few sacrifices are held in high esteem by any organisation.

These are the kind of employees who get constantly rewarded, praised and promoted as they strive to reach higher levels of their capabilities.

Failure does not deter them from moving ahead and taking the next bold step. They do not shy away from correcting their mistakes by seeking advice and being honest about what led to the mistake.

They dream big and have a winning attitude. They learn from their mistakes. They do not depend on sops and words of encouragement from others to keep bettering their performance. Nothing can deter them from their goals and objectives.

Self motivation comes when one keeps in sight the ambitions and goals that are to be achieved. Not all goals can be achieved in the time one sets.

There will be a gap due to many reasons. But the drive to achieve must not be lost, because of a gap. Like the proverbial spider that King Bruce took inspiration from, one must try and try again. Success will come to those who work towards and not to those who stand by and look at the sky for something to happen.

Organisations will continue to draw plans to keep employees motivated and engaged. They will have enough of rewards and awards for people. But what can clearly be observed is that these rewards are won by self motivated people.

K. V. Rajasekher