The naukri job speak index for October indicates an optimistic trend with the index for October at 1162 which is 3% more than September. This comes as a positive trend after three months of consecutive dip in recruitment levels. But this does not mean a dramatic revival in Indian industry’s employment trends. However it does indicate a slight improvement in hiring activity across sectors. Speaking on the trend, Hitesh Oberoi, CEO, InfoEdge India said,” Most employers are cautiously optimistic about their hiring plans. Most recruiters will continue with selective hiring for the next few months.”

A sector wise analysis of the report indicates that the banking and BPO sectors have seen maximum movement in their hiring activity with the job speak index moving up by 15% and 11% respectively in October when compared September this year. On the other hand the auto and telecom sector saw hiring activity pick up by 6% respectively during the same time period. As for other sectors like IT- software, construction and insurance sectors, the hiring levels remained steady in October when compared to September. Other sectors that saw an upward trend last month included the oil and gas sector.

Coming to the functional area analysis, the demand for professionals in the ITES sector moved up by 15% in October when compared to September this year. Other sectors that saw a demand for professionals in October include project management and marketing which moved up 12% and 8% respectively during the same time period. Professionals in accounts, HR and sales also saw an increase in their hiring levels in the range of 2% and 5% respectively in October when compared to September this year.

A city wise study of the hiring trends in the report indicates that among the major metros Mumbai and Bengaluru saw hiring levels pick up by 5% and 3% respectively in October compared to September. Delhi, Chennai and Pune saw stable hiring levels, while both Kolkata and Hyderabad saw hiring levels dip by 8% respectively in the same time period. Coming to demand across different experience brackets, the hiring for every other experience bracket remained the same except for professionals in the 13 to 16 years experience bracket which witnessed a 3% increase in demand during October.

In another report released by Naukri on campus recruitments for this year, trends indicate that there will be a considerable drop in student intake when compared to last year. A survey of 125 recruiters was done and 56% of recruiters said that the number of students that they will hire from campus placements will be lesser in 2013.

The survey was done by which is a portal exclusively targeted towards entry level hiring. This survey was conducted with recruiters across sectors get an insight on the campus hiring outlook for 2013-14.

In the survey, recruiters who hire only management graduates said that they will visit lesser campuses and will hire lower number of students in 2013. Recruiters who hire only engineers however had contrasting views. About 50% maintained there will be a drop in campus hiring numbers and the other half said that they will be consistent in their hiring levels like last year.

Coming to the software sector which has the highest intake of students from campus, recruiters from the IT sector had divergent views on their campus hiring plans. 53% of them said that campus hiring will remain unaffected in spite of the ongoing slowdown, while 47% said that they will lower their hiring in 2013 when compared to last year.

On the survey results, Deepali Singh, Business Head, said, “Amid the economic uncertainty and uncertain outlook, most companies are cautious about their campus hiring and do not want to go overboard. However, as the survey suggests companies will still continue to hire but may lower numbers when compared to earlier years.”

Though the hiring trends paint an optimistic picture, it is to be seen whether the same will continue this month as well.