The slant of your handwriting, the size of your letters, the loops in your alphabets, the spacing between your words and even the pressure with which you write can reveal a great deal about your personality, attitude, interests and even the direction of your life! For instance, big writing indicates an outgoing nature while tiny lettering hints at someone who is introverted and focussed. Forward slants in handwriting signify a future-oriented attitude while doodling wavy patterns suggest an easy-going nature.

Welcome to the fascinating, intriguing and absorbing world of graphology. Graphology is both an art and a science of identifying and evaluating human traits based on handwriting. It originates from the fact that each one of us has a unique handwriting which actually projects our subconscious thinking. Unknown to us, the way we write can reveal the innermost workings of our mind. What’s more, our writing style can vary based on our prevailing mood and emotions.

What does it entail?

A graphologist carefully studies the various intricacies of a person’s handwriting to interpret everything from his character, behaviour, mindset, likes and dislikes to even strengths, weaknesses, fears and future potential. In fact, a study of graphology enables practitioners to gain deep insight into more than hundred personality traits like happy, sad, friendly, caring, angry, self-centred, egoistic, sensitive, loyal, impulsive, dominating, aggressive, perfectionist, procrastination, concentration, tenacity extrovert, positive thinking, negativity, creative, enterprising, realistic, social skills and so on.

They are skilled at analysing people’s signatures and can also ‘read’ random scribbling and doodling, as they conceal valuable hints. They can even identify depression and suicidal tendencies if approached at the right time.


Graphology finds a wide variety of applications for diverse groups of people. It is enjoying increasing usage for employee recruitment in various organisations. HR managers employ the services of graphologists to screen candidates and ascertain best job-personality match. It is used in career counselling to judge students’ aptitude and abilities before zeroing in on the right career. It finds utility in determining choosing life partners and marriage compatibility as well!

Parents can reap the advantages of graphology in child development and care as it helps understand the nature, interests and motivations of young children. Similarly, it can help individuals understand various other people – be it spouse, friend or family member.

What’s more, graphology is used in forensic science to solve criminal cases by analysing offenders’ handwriting samples. Some expert graphologists can even use their specialised knowledge to diagnose certain diseases and improve health.

Graphotherapy and handwriting development courses have come into vogue both for self-improvement and personality development. These expert-designed courses enable participants to change their attitude, behaviour and relationships for the better by making simple changes in their strokes and patterns.

Getting there

There are no recognised degree courses in graphology as such. It does not require any specific educational background either. Various training institutes now offer certificate and diploma courses in graphology. Distance-learning courses are available as well. Interested aspirants can also gain basic knowledge by reading books or working under a trained graphologist.

On a professional level, graphology coupled with psychology background carries more weight.

On the personal front, a penchant to ‘read’ people’s handwritings and decode their personalities is essential.

A keen eye for detail coupled with strong communication skills will stand aspirants in good stead.

Career opportunities

Apart from analysing clients’ handwritings and evaluating their behaviour, graphologists also conduct workshops, conferences and presentations for corporate/private events. They can write books/articles or teach courses as well.

Graphologists can work in various sectors like psychiatric counselling, career guidance, employee recruitment, marriage compatibility, personality development, child development, police department, forensic department, private investigation centre, etc.

So, walk into the wonderful world of graphology – it will help enrich yours and others’ lives for sure!

Payal Chanania

Where to study?

International Graphological Research Centre (IGRC), Bangalore –

Handwriting Institute India, Bangalore -

Graphology School of India, Bangalore -

MJ Rajore’s Institute of Graphology and Personal Success, Mumbai, Pune -