Do not kill me in your womb mommy, I want to see the world around.

I would not scare you when I come out.

I may not be fair and pretty but I’ll always love you

I may fall for the one whom you don’t like, but a son can do that too.

I may be rude, I may be obstinate,

I may learn slow, I may not get good grades.

I may lie, I may hide things,

But that’s not a good reason to call me a Jinx.

I will not carry your lineage, you will one day have to give me away,

But that’s not my fault if society decided the things to be this way.

Because walking on the streets at night won’t be easy, men would hoot and call me names,

So you would kill me in prenatal period and those men would put some other girl to shame.

Treat me like YOUR child first, then like a girl or boy,

because after you kill me, I know you’ll hide to cry.

Do not kill me mommy, I want to see the world around

Don’t kill me just because I am your daughter,

Give me life as you would to my brother.

whatever I have told you, tell daddy too,

Tell him that I am not as bad as he thinks, I am rather better.

(The writer’s