When I’m sick, you are tending to your patients.

When I’m tired, you are promoting an energy drink.

When I’m hungry, you are catering in a 5 star hotel.

When I need you for my tough algebra, you are teaching your students.

When I long for a sand castle on the beach, you are discussing a multistorey.

When I’m down and depressed, you are counselling your clientele.

When I have peer problems, you are tackling issues elsewhere.

When my computer fogs my brain, you are setting right a system.

When I’m hurt and need a hug, you are in a meeting.

When I’m confused and need you, you are enlightening a crowd.

When I’m lonely, and badly need you, you win accolades for your team work.

When I’m doubtful and discouraged if I’ll make it, you are up your career ladder.

Where are you mom?

(The writer is Professor in Ophthalmology, PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore.

Email: jevdav85@yahoo.co.in)