They say we are not part of society

and then they talk about social equality

They say we don’t belong to the class fit for conversation

yet they call us up for blessings on family occasions.

They tease us, titillate us and do us wrong

and then they send us to jail on charges of prostitution.

They don’t give us work to earn a living.

yet when we seek alms on trains they call it vulgar

Women are abused, people fight for them

We are abused, nothing happens

Women didn’t go to school, they started girls’ schools

We don’t go to school, nothing happens

Women have she, men have he,

Identity is a casualty, when we are the topic.

You all go to public places and use the washroom

but we are in a fix over which room to use,

You are recognised by your character

Our body becomes our identity, wherever we go

Is it our fault that nature created us this way?

We may have an awkward contour

But our heart is the same as yours

Our dreams are same as yours

To live a perfect life

Give us a chance,

We will prove worthy of your love.

( The writer is student at Mangalayatan University, Aligarh, U.P. Email: )