As each and every pothole

Takes a really heavy toll

Of lumbar and cervical spines,

No city imposes on itself any fines!

Bad roads are every Indian city’s woe

Where population tends to exponentially grow,

With more people migrating from towns and villages

In search of employment, livelihood and better wages.

Road rage and accidents — everyday events

That regularly challenge citizens’ tolerance,

As they run around to sustain their lives

In cities where indifference alone thrives.

Negotiating roads is not easy

Because of the traffic crazy.

Driving is stress and strain

Especially when it begins to rain ...

Overflowing roads and craters

Are treacherous nerve graters.

As rainwater floods and invades,

Traffic congesting roads, pervades.

Pedestrians are always at a loss

On how to crowded roads cross -

Roads that have no overbridges or sidewalks

Roads on which at every step, danger stalks.

Town planners, civic agencies, please wake up -

And in mission mode, do evaluate and take up

Sensible infrastructure projects

That cover present needs and future objects.

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