Is every girlchild born in India

Just another toy,

To bring momentary joy

to any evil Indian boy?

Are women’s lives ‘Use-n-Throw’?

Tossed into the bin;

even by their kin,

just for a whim!

Are women born to be abused

by any miscreant?

Even by the police sent

by the government?

Why are women given no chance

To live in dignity

In this country?

Aren’t your mothers women too?

Don’t you have a sister, aunty?

A niece, a granny?

That you have no humanity?

Why are women tortured thus?

Is it for giving you life?

For giving you love and care

As mother, sister, wife?

Shame, India, Shame on you!

Who can’t protect your daughter

from this slaughter,

and evil laughter

of any lustful male rotter!

( The writer’s email: minnietensingh@yahoo. com )